You are cordially welcome to visit the most
delightful cheese house in the town centre of
Gouda, Het Gouds Kaashuis. In the shop on
the Hoogstraat/Markt you will find more than
50 kinds of high-quality, authentic farmhouse

The owners, Sandra and Maurice, will gladly
tell you the story behind the cheese and let you
taste it. Don’t forget to ask for ‘Gouda’s Trots’
(Gouda’s Pride), chosen as the tastiest of all
Gouda farmhouse cheeses. You will find this
‘award-winning cheese’ exclusively in this shop.
To experience the real traditioinal taste of Gouda,
you can sample the self-made farmhouse cheeses.
Every Friday, Maurice makes his own cheese at
his farmhouse in Waarder.

Your purchases are
vacuum packed, so that you can also take the
cheese home with you. In this charming shop
you will find all of Gouda’s specialities under one
roof. Besides the many kinds of cheeses and other
Gouda products, the Gouda Cheese House also
offers a range of Gouda souveniers and gifts.